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Frequently Asked Questions
We use USPS (Post Office) and FedEx to deliver your packages.
We ship to the 48 continental states, Alaska, Hawaii, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Due to meat prohibitions, we are unable to ship to Canada.

When does my order ship?
We do our very best to ship out all orders as they come in, however, this is not always possible. We respectfully ask for 1-3 business days to ship out your order. If you need an order shipped out the same day to guarantee delivery by a certain day, you have to call us at 1 (888) 438-2458 (please, do not email these requests as we cannot guarantee a response in time via email).
We do not ship packages out on Saturday or Sunday. Holidays will affect the ship times and the delivery times. When the Christmas holiday comes around, we update our website to inform you of your last day to order for each of our shipping services. With other smaller holidays, such as Fourth of July, please see our hours of operation at the bottom of the page.

When will my package arrive?
This depends on your shipping service.
USPS (Post Office) asks for 2-3 days for their Priority Mail Service. We have had cases in the past where the delivery date will show as 'Updated' on your tracking number. There is nothing we can do, if they update your delivery date for a later date. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do if they update your delivery date for a later date due to the fact that their records show the updated date. The Post Office does not guarantee their delivery dates.
FedEx will depend on your service selection (Ground or Express). Depending on your location, Ground can take anywhere from 1-5 business days. Express is either 3-day, 2-day, or overnight. FedEx does guarantee their delivery dates.
Just a note:
• FedEx Ground (Residential) does not delivery on Sundays or Mondays.
• FedEx Ground (Commercial) does not delivery on Sundays.
• FedEx Express does not deliver on Sundays.
• Saturday Deliveries cost more than weekly deliveries.

I need to change my address!
Call us, right away at 1(888) 439-2458! Once your order has shipped, there is nothing we can do. FedEx offers an address change reroute for a nominal fee; the Post Office does not offer any assistance with an address change. With the post office, the recipeitn (at best, hoping they are honest people) will write RTS on the package for it to return to us, and for us to help you get it shipped to the right place (with additional shipping charges). Unfortunately, we can not assume that the receipt of the incorrect address will do so; if the street number was wrong, your neighbors may be willing to look out for your package.
Please do not email us any address change requests as our goal is to get each and every order out as soon as possible. We are very goal-oriented to get all orders shipped out as soon as possible to help decrease your wait time; that being said we may not always be monitoring our email waiting for any requests. Although, you may send your email request in time, there is no guarantee that it has not already been packed and on its way to the Post Office/FedEx station, so please call us. We can provide much more prompt assistance when you call us.

What to do if something goes wrong with the shipping:
If anything occurs to your package from a shipping standpoint, (i.e. Late Shipment, Failure to Deliver / Missing, Damaged Package, etc.), please follow the following steps. Please note that we are not responsible for packages that have been delivered to an incorrect address. Please make sure that you double, or triple, check the address you provide to us. Once shipped, there is nothing we can do with Post Office orders. With FedEx orders, we are usually able to put in a request for an address change, but there is a nominal fee associated with the change.

Step 1
Call us to inform us of the problem at 1 (888) 438-2458. Please keep in mind that we are unable to authorize any immediate replacements, returns, refunds, credits, or exchanges, until the issue with the third-party shippers has been solved.

Step 2
Call the Third-Party Shipper to notify them of the problem. Please request a confirmation, ticket, or claim number.
• FedEx Customer Service: 1 (800) 463-3339
• USPS (Post Office) Customer Service: 1 (800) 275-8777

Step 3
Write down and share with us the confirmation, ticket, or claim number that you received. Please provide it to us, as well, so that we can too mention the same situation to the third-party shippers.

Step 4
Patiently wait while the investigation of your package is underway. We do our best to keep you notified of the problems and solutions that are mentioned to us, from them, on our end.

Step 5
The Final Step is where we are able to notify you of the final solution that has been found. Depending on the situation, the solutions will vary.

Return Policy
We have a return policy to keep our quality high and our prices as low as possible.
Due to the nature of our products, being edible, we are limited on the returns we may accept.
We stand behind our products 100% as they are guaranteed for freshness and quality.
With biltong being such a preference based products, we understand that some customers might love extra pepper, others may want no pepper at all, some may prefer extra fat, and others may prefer zero fat! Biltong is amazing due to its ability to be customized to fit the needs of each individual consumer. This does, however, mean that we will provide one level of biltong, as standard. If you would like to customize it at all, we recommend putting in a custom order. This way, we can make the biltong the way you like it, whether it means less spices, and pepper, or still having it a little wet. We do our best to make our standard a happy medium, but know that food is very preference based; this is why we offer Special orders.

Return Period
You have 7 Days from the delivery date (provided via Tracking Number) to return your products if you are not satisfied or would like to exchange the products for something else. We are unable to guarantee any replacements, refunds, credits, changes, or any other change to your order after the 7-day mark. If your package has a shipping error, the 7-day mark is still in affect from the delivery date. Please notify us immediately of any shipping errors.

Who pays for the return shipping?
You Pay when you would like to exchange any of the flavors/styles/sizes that were ordered (this is a general return or an exchange), ordered a product by mistake, decide to cancel your order after it has been shipped, provided us with the wrong shipping address or made an error in the street number, or any other dilemma that is not the sole responsibly or fault of the company.
We Pay when the order has been received but the items shipped do not match your order, if the product is molded upon delivery/opening the package, and other strange occurrences that are on a case-by-case basis.

When it doubt, put it in the fridge. Biltong is not made to be out on a counter for days; it is made to be eaten. If you are not going to eat the biltong immediately, please put it in the refrigerator, or the freezer, to keep its freshness lasting longer. This way, when you are ready to eat it, it will taste just as fresh as when it was initially delivered. Do not leave biltong in any heat, near windows, or other abnormal heating conditions; the colder the better. Our policy is for 7-days from the delivery date; we are not responsible for molding, or other changes, after 7-days. Please take care of the biltong if you are not planning to eat it right away.

Can I return it if I opened it?
If more than 90% of the biltong is still in the packaging, we will be able to refund the price of that bag.

Do Not Trash Biltong
If you are unhappy with the biltong you received, please keep in mind that we cannot offer a refund if you trashed the biltong, your pet ate it, if the biltong fell on the floor and was put back in the bag, if it doesn't taste 100% like it did in South Africa (please note we have USDA requirements, health codes, procedures, and an accreditation to maintain, South Africa does not have these requirements and this may perhaps result in a slight taste change), etc. These are accidents that may sometimes happen and are unfortunate, but we cannot return any damaged products, bags that are returned empty, or bags that are not returned at all. If any product(s) are returned prior to informing us of the issue, there is nothing we can do with the return.

Grocery Items
We do not produce or manufacture any grocery items like Mrs. Ball's Chutney or Ouma Rusks. If something occurs with those products, we may or may not be able to help you depending on the problem. Any large problems should be discussed with the manufactures of those products whose contact information should be on the packaging. Please read all labels before consuming to make yourself aware of any allergens, contents, and so forth.

Medium-Dry, Medium-Wet, and/or Wet Orders
All sales are final. If you have purchased, or are planning to purchase, special orders such as Medium-dry, Medium-wet, and/or Wet biltong, you are accepting that they are final sales and that they are not eligible for returns, refunds/credits, or replacements/exchanges. As we do not put any artificial preservatives in the meat, you are accepting, understanding, and complying that it is your responsibility to keep the product in the proper conditions from the moment it is delivered. This includes, but is not limited to, storing the product(s) in a dry, sealed container/bag and stored in a refrigerator or freezer when not in use. When in doubt, put it in the refrigerator.

Custom/Special Orders
All sales are final. If you are requesting a specially made batch of biltong, whether it be a style, flavor, or combination of the two, you are commissioning a custom batch of delicious biltong by our biltong expert who has been perfecting our biltong over the years. We are unable to refund any money due to the dislike of an order that was specially requested, or if one's mind was changed after the production has already started. Our biltong is one of a kind: a delicious beef snack that was invented in South Africa and is now made and perfected right here in North Carolina. We offer only the highest quality USDA-approved beef, spices, and customer service.

For-The-Grill Items
All sales are final. Due to the nature of these products, being fresh, vacuum-packed, and frozen, we are unable to accept any returns. The only time we will be able to assist with an order cancellation is PRIOR to the order being shipped out, once it has shipped, the sale is final. We do vacuum pack all of our fresh/frozen items so that you are able to put the items back in the freezer. Any items you purchased from the super market that have a saran wrap and Styrofoam plate cannot be frozen after thawing. Vacuum-packed items are able to be frozen again as no new oxygen has been added to the bag. Since our frozen items are delicious (once cooked, obviously), we see no need to refreeze it. Cook it, enjoy it, and share if it you can!

Sample Sizes & Complimentary Bags
Samples are not eligible for returns for obvious reasons. Due to their small quantity and purpose of being a sample, they serve as a small way to test our product(s) prior to purchasing larger bag sizes.
Complimentary Bags that are tossed in from time to time, are gifts from us to you; these cannot be exchanged, replaced, nor do they have a cash value for any returns or credits.

Return Fraud
If you purchase with the intent to return or send a cancellation request immediately after ordering, your account is flagged as return fraud. If you purchase any of our items solely for the free item(s) that are advertised to accompany the product, and you want to return the purchased product, please note that complimentary items are required to accompany the return. This is return fraud, there is absolutely no guarantee that these requests will be honored. If you would like to return the product, and keep the complimentary items, your account will be credited for the initial payment less the items that you chose to keep and the initial shipping charges. We work very hard to make sure all of our customers are satisfied, but in order to keep our prices low, we are required to stop fraudulent returns.
Complimentary Bags that are tossed in from time to time, are gifts from us to you; these cannot be exchanged, replaced, nor do they have a cash value for any returns or credits.

Not sure what our policy says regarding your dilemma?
Call us so we can help you. You can reach us at 1 (888) 438-2458. Our hours are listed at the bottom right of this page.